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Living abroad –
Make it one of the best times of your life

Expatriation means a huge challenge for the whole family. There are many new intercultural adventures to discover, interesting people to meet and intriguing opportunities for learning. At the same time we need skills to cope with unknown everyday routines, unfamiliar values and cultural differences. Sometimes the reality is far from our expectations - especially for the accompanying spouse who may need to entirely redefine her or his role. After a few weeks of living in a new country, a number of questions may come up: Who am I without my job, my friends and family? How can I use my talents in this new setting? Has the new dynamic put pressure on our relationship? How do I get a grip on my life?

Expatriate coaching is flexible and can begin at any time during the lifecycle of an assignment and complements other intercultural training programmes, such as traditional expatriate and repatriation training. For both the employed expat as well as his or her partner, it can be useful to see a coach and get back on track.

Different than therapy, coaching is grounded in the present and the future and not the past. As such, coaching focuses on action-oriented goals. The coaching sessions will guide you to develop your personal strategies to raise consciousness for your thoughts, wishes and emotions with the aim of a self-determined, fulfilled life.


Possible issues

  • (Unwanted) Changes in life
  • Trouble in relationship(s)
  • Difficult decisions
  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Balance between the demands of work
    and your personal life

Development through Coaching

  • Developing new perspectives
  • Setting sensible goals and achieving them
  • Working on your individual set of values
  • Career guidance for the time abroad
  • Re-connecting to yourself
  • Self-discovery: Using personal strengths and resources
  • Dealing with crisis

Please note:
All information discussed during the sessions are treated with confidentiality.

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